The Australian PhenomeBank (APB) is a non-profit repository of mouse strains used in Medical Research.

The database allows you to search for murine strains, housed or archived in Australia, carrying mutations in particular genes, strains with transgenic alterations and for mice with particular phenotypes.


The APB has two roles:


Provide and maintain a central database of genetically modified mice held in Australia either live or as cryopreserved material.


Establish and maintain a mouse strain archive.

Strains are archived as cryopreserved sperm or embryos.


Strain information:

Please use the buttons below to find or submit mouse strain information.


Request Cryopreservation:

If you would like to submit mice for sperm cryopreservation please choose from the options below:


For strains obtained directly from The Jackson Laboratories please contact Jax for permission to cryopreserve before submitting a request.

Further Information:

Please use the links on the left hand panel for further information about services and costs.  If you would like us to contact you please click here to email the Curator.


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  Photo courtesy of APN

Why have an Australian database and why should everyone contribute to it?

  • Prevent duplication of strains
  • Prevent wastage of money
  • Facilitate collaboration
  • Accelerate research
  • A requirement of some funding organisations

Why bother cryopreserving your strains?

  • Prevent strain loss
    • due to accident
    • due to neglect
    • due to disease
  • Remove unwanted strains from the shelf but not lose them altogether
  • Reduces per diem costs
  • International transportation
  • A requirement of some funding organisations



Photo courtesy of APN


The APB is grateful for the financial support provided by the Australian Government through the NHMRC and funds provided to the Australian Phenomics Network through the NCRIS and EIF programmes.