Title Description Link
Sample storage A video on how to manage storage of samples Watch video
Identifying which mice require sperm analysis By assigning each strain to a project and then each project to a sperm analysis value, we can more easily identify which mice in a cryosession will require sperm analysis. The details are exported to the cryosession spreadsheet. Watch video
Copy and Paste Sample details from Excel This tutorial will show you how to copy and paste sample details from an Excel spreadsheet, onto the sample creation page. Watch video
How to paste samples to a location Users can paste a batch of samples using their sample ID into a location in one go. This will be a real time saver as opposed to entering sample IDs one-by-one Watch video
Creating new locations A short tutorial on how to create locations in the sample storage database. Takes you through the steps of creating a Freezer, Tower & Box Watch video
Submitting IVF Requests with MML SNPs A short tutorial on the process of submitting IVF Requests for SNP mutations from the Missense Mutation Library (MML) Watch video
Shipping boxes of samples between facilities How to use the system to track shipment of samples Watch video
Embryo Freezing Tutorial on how to complete the embryo freezing workflow Watch video
Adding procedures Tutorial on how to add new procedures to APB. This example demonstrates how to add a new Sperm Cryopreservation procedure Watch video
Mouse handovers A video tutorial on how to initiate and process mouse handovers for mice generated from IVF. Emails can be sent to animal coordinators to notify them of a pending mouse handover. A PDF can be exported and saved to the shared drive. Watch video
Assigning litters to an IVF A short video tutorial on how to assign musterer litters to an IVF. Technicians will have to choose the appropriate litter since the same sperm donor can be reanimated mutliple times. Watch video